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Walking down the aisle with a beautiful bronzed glow in your white gown is a true bridal dream. Stressing before your big day about all the things that could go wrong with your spray tan is not!

It’s only natural to stress about things before your wedding day but stressing about your tan shouldn’t be one of them. We’re the experts when it comes to tanning, and are here to put your mind at ease with our glow-to Bridal Tanning Guide – whether you want a deep bronzed tan or a sunkissed glow, we’ve got all the answers to ensure your tan is foolproof for your big day.

What Color/Formula Should I Get?

Talk to the spray tan technician or salon before your appointment, and don't forget to mention it’s for your wedding. They’ll have experience in bridal spray tans and can recommend a formula based on your skin tone and desired outcome.

Bondi Sands offers four shades of Salon Solution to suit a variety of skin types and tones, and are enriched with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera to keep your tan long-lasting. Each solution can be washed off after two hours of wear, and are available in shades Light/Medium, Dark, Ultra Dark and Liquid Gold to suit any bride.

Use our store locator here to find a salon near you that stocks our Salon Solutions, or if your favorite salon doesn't stock Bondi Sands, ask them too!

Should I Do A Trial Run?

Absolutely! You should definitely do a tanning trial run for your wedding day. Schedule this in a few weeks before the big day, ideally if it coincides with your dress fitting too! This will give you the confidence leading up to your nuptials that you’ve made the right choice of salon and formula, especially if you don’t spray tan regularly.

When Should I Get My Wedding Spray Tan?

After you’ve done your trial run and you're happy with the results, you’ll need to book your final appointment. We recommend getting your spray tan 2 - 3 days before the big day. It’s definitely best to avoid the wedding-eve as the tan will continue to develop for 24-48 hours, so will need some time for the full result to appear.

How Should I Prepare?

Salon Solutions are best applied to even-textured, clean skin, so you’ll need to ensure you exfoliate and shave/wax well before your appointment. For the best tan, we would recommend doing so at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, and not immediately beforehand. Pick up a Scrub or Exfoliating Mitt, and gently rub over your whole body, especially typically dry areas like your elbows, knees and ankles.


After exfoliating, we do recommend moisturizing, and as with exfoliation, just not on the day of your spray tan. It's best not to wear any lotions, deodorant, perfume, or makeup to your appointment as this may affect the even application of your tan, however, a very small amount of moisturizer on elbows, knees, hands, and feet can act as a barrier if desired to prevent build up in those areas.

Should I Tan My Face?

You’ll want your face to be as tanned as your body, so for that reason, Salon Solutions can be applied to the face. However, some may find their skin too sensitive, in which case you can ask to skip the face and let your make-up artist match foundation to your tan. Alternatively, you can pick up one of the Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Face products, these are non-comedogenic, and formulated with skin-loving ingredients and made specifically for sensitive skin.


What Should I Do After I Get My Spray Tan?

You should be very careful immediately after your spray tan as the formula is developing on your skin. Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid activities with water or liquids that may cause disaster, like doing the dishes, a workout or getting caught in the rain. Don’t worry too much if the guide color/bronzer starts to wear off after a few hours, there will still be solution on your skin deepening the color.

Once you’ve washed off your spray tan after the recommended amount of time, ensure to moisturize with a tan friendly moisturizer. Bondi Sands Moisturizers are pH balanced and designed to hydrate the skin and help prolong the life of your tan.

Is There Anything I Should Do On The Day Of My Wedding?

Ensure your skin is hydrated both inside and out by drinking plenty of water and applying a layer of moisturizer. You can also pick up a Bondi Sands GLO product for any last-minute touch-ups and try the GLO Shimmer or Gloss for some extra luminosity.

Will My Tan Stain My Dress?

No, it shouldn’t stain your dress especially if you’ve had your spray tan a few days before your wedding and you have showered at least twice, no bronzer should be left on the skin. If you do get any tan on your dress, it should come out at the dry cleaners.

Will My Glow Last On The Honeymoon?

Your spray tan should last over a week, but if you want to keep it going through your honeymoon, you can use one of our Bondi Sands Gradual tanning products which help extend the life of any golden glow.


We hope we’ve answered all your bridal spray tan questions in our guide, and we wish you the glowy-est of wedding days!

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