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We know the drill. You tan on a Thursday, you look a million dollars for the weekend. Your Instagram photos are on point. Then we get to Tuesday/Wednesday the following week and we need to get that old tan off ASAP so we can repeat the process again on Thursday, just in time for the weekend. 

So what is the best way to remove old tan? We have all heard the tips and tricks like scrubbing with an exfoliating product (until your skin is red raw), using baby oil with an exfoliating mitt, having a bath in Epson salts then scrubbing etc. However what if we told you, those days are over, no more scrubbing yourself until you are bright red! Is there such a thing as one product that can remove a tan in a few easy steps? Is there one simple product that will change your tanning routine forever? 

All hail the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser – your new best friend. 

Your tanning routine has just been taken to the next level. Our Self Tan Eraser is the best product you will own.


1. Apply to your skin

2. Wait 5 - 10 minutes

3. Shower and wipe it away with a face washer

4. Done

It is gentle on your skin and is designed to save TIME and EFFORT when tanning.

It really is a magical product and is Available NOW!


Q: How long do I leave this product on my skin?

A: Five minutes is all it takes!

Q: How long after applying self tan can I use this product? 

A: You’ll need to wait at least 3 days for this product to be effective.

Q: Do I need to scrub my skin to remove my tan? 

A: No, simply use a wet cloth to wipe the tan away. For more stubborn areas gently rub area with the Bondi Sands exfoliating mitt.

Q: Does this product contain harsh chemicals?

A: No harsh chemicals are used in this gentle cleansing foam.

Q: Mine has turned to liquid, what do I do?

A: Remove the lid and run the pump through hot water for one minute. It is a buildup of product around the nozzle.


Let us know if you have tried this product Lovers, we love hearing your thoughts. Remember if you upload a before and after to social media we will send you a FREE product. #bondisandstaneraser


Happy tanning and erasing!

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