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We all know how hard it can be tanning your back, especially when your BFF or BF isn’t there to help! Luckily, we’ve created this helpful guide that contains our expert tips and tricks on how to tan your back with ease. So no more bathroom yoga when trying to tan those hard to reach spots! 

Preparation is key

For your best ever tan, take some time to make sure your skin is the perfect blank canvas. 

Shower and exfoliate to remove any flaky skin, spending a little extra time on those areas that tend to be dry (like elbows and knees). 

For more of our top tips for a flawless glow, check out the Bondi Sands Guide to Self Tanning for Beginners where we share all of our insider secrets!

Start with a small amount of product

We recommended using a small amount of product to start with and then gradually adding more. This way you can slowly build up your tan so if you do make a mistake it will be easier to fix. 

Our self-tanning foams are the perfect product to use on your back as they’re super easy to apply and really buildable. Or, if you prefer a lighter tan, pick up our Everyday Gradual Tan Milk - enriched with skin-softening natural ingredients for a nourishing glow.

Apply with a back applicator

Having the right accessories to apply your tan will make all the difference. Our handy Back Applicator makes tanning your back effortless and will help you to reach those difficult spots. It even comes with replacement pads so you can ensure a perfect application every time. 

To use, simply extend the handle back until it locks into place, apply your favorite Bondi Sands product to either side of the applicator and start to apply the tan. If you don’t have a back applicator (you definitely should!), make sure you use a tanning mitt rather than your hands as this will make the application much easier. 

Start from the middle and blend out

For an even, streak free tan, start at the centre of your back and slowly move outwards using long vertical strokes. This will ensure a smooth, golden glow top to bottom. Don’t forget to blend the tan all over so it’s flawless front to back!

Happy tanning!

Next time your bestie isn’t there to help you tan your back don’t worry! Just follow our simple tips for a streak-free, beautifully bronzed tan head to toe. 

Remember to take a before and after picture of your Bondi Sands tan and upload to Instagram using the hashtag #bondisands. We love seeing you glow!  

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