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What is Reef Friendly?

Bondi Sands Sunscreen is formulated as "Reef Friendly" in an effort to protect our oceans and waterways. Our entire Sunscreen Line is free of the two ingredients that are currently understood to cause harm towards our reefs, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. We continue to evolve our product formulations with direction of both local and international authorities to best reflect the needs of our communities all over the world. .


We believe it’s important to choose the right sunscreen protection so that you can step into the sun with confidence.


What does “Reef Friendly” mean?

Hawaii currently regulate two chemical ingredients found in sunscreens – they’re called oxybenzone and octinoxate, what we call “Reef Friendly”. It’s important to know the term “Reef Friendly” has no testing protocol and is not defined or regulated by the FDA, so when you see these words on Bondi Sands sunscreens, it simply means that our sunscreens have been formulated in compliance with these regulations and do not contain these two banned ingredients.